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Fund community services, address root causes of crime, increase training, reduce weapons

by CC85, 30 June, 2020

How is it that our city spends almost 20% of taxpayer dollars on funding the police, comparable to the amount spent on public health, paramedics, the library, social housing, parks and recreation, and employment services combined?

When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, the saying goes, and the police department is too often the immediate reflex in responding to delicate issues that require a more sensitive approach.

Please reallocate police funding to:

  • mental health support
  • addressing poverty and homelessness
  • harm reduction (incl. safe consumption sites)
  • de-escalation training (regular intervals)
  • anti-oppression training (regular intervals)
  • require more than 13 weeks' training to become an officer
  • de-weaponize police officers the way San Francisco is doing
  • a community education campaign for what services people can call instead of police
  • train call centre staff to redirect the response to the appropriate service staff
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