The TMP Update

The approved scope of work for the TMP Update (which includes updates to the Active Transportation Plan, formerly the Ottawa Pedestrian Plan and Ottawa Cycling Plan) identifies completion of the TMP Update in April 2022. As detailed in the August 18th memo to the Mayor and Council, the completion date for the TMP Update and new Active Transportation Plan was revised to be the fall of 2023 because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The memo can be found in the TMP Document Library on this website.

A memo to the Mayor and Council was released on June 30, 2021 to inform Council of changes to the timing of the Origin-Destination (OD) travel survey and the subsequent change to the schedule of the TMP Update. As noted in the memo, the completion date for the network development and prioritization elements of the TMP Update is Fall 2024. In the interest of moving the project forward, the TMP Update will be re-structured into two parts: a policy document; and a capital infrastructure plan for transit, active transportation, and roads. Since the TMP policies are not impacted by the OD Survey, the policy document continues to be developed, and will be brought forward for public consultation in Fall 2021 and to Council for approval in Spring 2022. The capital infrastructure plan will be developed after the OD Survey, and will be brought forward for approval in Fall 2024.

Watch this project website and subscribe to the newsletter for further updates and details on how to participate in consultations.

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