Why is the High Performance Development Standard important?

The High Performance Development Standard has been introduced as part of the new Official Plan to realize the objectives of sustainable and resilient design. It is also one of the 20 priority projects identified in the Energy Evolution Strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission in Ottawa to zero by 2050.

Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Ottawa. Designing new buildings to be energy efficient from the outset will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on costly retrofits in the future. The High Performance Development Standard will also help build resiliency to our changing climate through tree canopy, ecology and urban heat island mitigation strategies.

Collectively, the metrics aim to advance the climate change mitigation and adaption priorities of the Climate Change Master Plan, Energy Evolution and the Climate Resiliency Strategy as well as the City’s objectives related to public health, ecology and accessibility.

Many of the requirements in the High Performance Development Standard are existing, whether part of an existing guideline, by-law or other document. The High Performance Development Standard will allow City staff to prioritize and package all the requirements that support sustainable and resilient design together in one place. It will also assist in reviewing and maintaining the requirements, as well as in tracking and reporting on sustainability objectives.

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