The High Performance Standard is a tiered standard

The High Performance Development Standard has been developed as a tiered standard. Tier 1, the lowest tier, contains the mandatory requirements. Tier 2 and higher requirements are voluntary, while setting the direction for increasing requirements to be made over time. A tiered standard is helpful to inform and enable industry to prepare and plan for future mandatory requirements.

Tier 1 will be mandatory for all projects requiring either a site plan or plan of subdivision application.

Tier 2 or higher will be optional. The metrics of Tier 2 serve several purposes:

  • Incentives to advance the adoption of Tier 2 and higher performance is under development.
  • Tier 2 and 3 will bring awareness and understanding of incremental increases in requirements. Overtime, the minimum performance will move up such that Tier 2 will become mandatory. The image below helps to demonstrate the incremental aspect of a tiered standard.
  • Tier 2 and 3 metrics will also serve to help evaluate projects for City recognition

At this time, Tier 3 is only referenced in building energy emission targets, which aligns with the 2030 emission reduction targets proposed in Energy Evolution.

The High Performance Development Standard has three tiers. The metrics in tier one are mandatory. tiers two and three contain higher level voluntary standards. Overtime the minimum performance levels will increase.

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