How the High Performance Development Standard has changed from what was proposed to Council

Through motions and directions received at council the following items have changed from the report.

Timing and phasing

The standard will come into effect as the date that Section 11.1. Policy 3 of the Official Plan comes into force. This date is not yet known as it is contingent on Provincial Approval of the new Official Plan.

Effective April 13 2022 to prepare for the High Performance Development Standard coming into effect the High Performance Development Standard will be part of pre applications.

Effective June 1 2023 re-submissions and extensions of Plan of Subdivision will be subject to the HPDS.

Energy Requirement

The energy requirement under site plan application originally applied to only buildings over 2000 square metres. This has been revised to apply to all Complex Site Plan Applications; Complex site plan applications include residential developments containing fourteen or more units, five or more floors and/or having a gross floor area of 1,200 square metres or more; all planned unit developments; mixed-use buildings containing fourteen or more units, five or more floors and/or with a gross floor area of 1,400 square metres or more; non-residential development of five or more floors and/or with a gross floor area of 1,860 square metres or more; and drive-through facilities in the Site Plan Control Inner Area or abutting residential zones.

Electric Vehicle Charging

All site plan applications will now be required to evaluate EV charging readiness and indicate approach and number of EV ready spaces.

The recommended solutions for EV charging under tier 2 have been revised to clarify metering requirements and remove level 1 charging option.

Staff Directions

Staff have been directed to:

  1. Report back with simplified energy requirements for Standard Site Plan Applications;
  2. Report back on additional Tier 2 measures, and;
  3. Explore opportunities to pilot home energy labelling and work with Natural Resources Canada to support plans to require mandatory home energy labeling at time of sale. Staff be further directed to explore disclosure of participating homes and as modelled home information on the online portal under the Better Buildings Ottawa program.
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