How will this project impact the study area?

    This project aims to provide direction on how the study area can grow and evolve through the next Official Plan with a Secondary Plan. These new policies will provide guidance on appropriate land uses building heights, built form, connectivity and transportation, and contributions to the public realm. Intensification and density are to be expected.

    What is a Secondary Plan?

    The City of Ottawa’s Official Plan provides a vision for the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide the City's physical development. Ottawa’s Official Plan includes a number of Secondary Plans that provide more detailed guidance for development within an identified area.

    Secondary Plans include direction on land uses, building heights, densities, particular design requirements for buildings or sites, detailed public realm elements, and implementation of the plan. Proposed development that is not in keeping with the policies of Secondary Plans would require an application to amend the Official Plan.

    How can I get involved?

    There are several ways you can stay informed and engaged throughout the study process:

    • Attend public events
    • Sign-up to the project’s email list to receive updates on the planning study’s progress and invites to public events
    • Visit this webpage to stay up-to-date about upcoming events and current information
    • Contact the Project Lead (see contact information above) at any time during the process to request information or submit feedback.

    Who is involved in this study?

    Many stakeholders are involved in this planning study:

    • Stakeholder Working Group will be responsible for reviewing study materials and providing feedback throughout the process. This group will include representatives from local community associations, property and business owners and Ward Councillor.
    • Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will also be part of the planning study. The TAG will include City staff and representatives from other agencies to help assess existing conditions, provide technical feedback, ensure that the planning study meets City policies.