The benefits of Energy Evolution

There are many benefits that can be achieved by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a low carbon future.

Improved local economy and job creation

Supporting Ottawa’s local businesses in the transition towards a low-carbon economy will help companies reduce operating costs and represents an opportunity to:

  • Create local jobs – especially in manufacturing, construction and trades in the growing renewable energy sector and as workers are needed to perform building energy efficiency upgrades
  • Attract investment and support efforts to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and technology development in Ottawa
  • Keep a greater share of the money spent on energy within the local economy

Healthier public

Reducing fossil fuel use and changing the ways we get around the City has many health benefits, including:

  • Improved air quality and a reduction in the related health effects such as heart disease and breathing problems
  • Improved sleep due to reduced noise levels from vehicles and better insulated buildings
  • Improved physical and mental health from increased walking and cycling

Equity and inclusion

While everyone has a role to play in meeting Ottawa’s greenhouse gas reduction targets, some people are better positioned than others. By understanding barriers and opportunities to participate in climate solutions, Ottawa can ensure we leave no one behind in the low-carbon transition. Some projects and programs may be geared towards vulnerable populations as they may need greater support than the general population.

Energy security and resiliency

Increasing local renewable energy supply provides affordable energy to residents and businesses. It also helps to provide uninterrupted levels of service during extreme events.

Reduce the impact of climate change

Climate change is already impacting Ottawa. We are experiencing more extreme heat, flooding and tornadoes which are harming our communities, infrastructure, natural environment and economy. Climate science tells us that these trends will continue into the next decades.

The extent of future climate impacts will depend on the action taken to reduce emissions. By taking significant action now we can avoid the unmanageable impacts of climate change.

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