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The City of Ottawa has initiated an active transportation and transit priority feasibility study for Bank Street between Highway 417 and the Rideau Canal.   The objective of this study is to evaluate options to improve conditions for transit, walking and cycling. However, the space along Bank Street is limited, and trade-offs will be necessary. The purpose of this survey is to obtain your feedback on the potential options for Bank Street. 

Please provide your response by July 31, 2024.

This survey is anonymous, and your participation is voluntary. The City of Ottawa is committed to upholding the standards of privacy established within the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 

The City of Ottawa is committed to accessibility. If you are having any difficulty accessing or completing this survey, contact


How do you and your family currently use Bank Street today between Highway 417 and the Rideau Canal? (select all that apply)








When driving to Bank Street, how far would you be willing to park from your destination? (select one)

Four short-listed options have been developed. 

Option A: 4-Lanes, Existing Arrangement

Option B: 4-Lanes, Peak Bus Lanes, Parking

Option C: 3-Lanes, Peak Bus Lane, Parking

Option D: 2-Lanes, Cycle Lanes, Parking Bay

Maximum 255 characters


Maximum 3 characters