May → June 2019

Business Telephone Survey

Objective: understanding current and historic levels of satisfaction with Ottawa as a place to live and operate a business.
May → June 2019

Online Community Survey

Online survey targeted to residents and business owners of Wards 5, 19, 20, and 21.
Objective: understanding current perspectives on Rural Ottawa’s economy, including strengths, challenges, opportunities, and visions for its future.
May → June 2019

Asset Mapping Engagement

Objective: To allow Ottawa residents to indicate key assets of importance, particularly as they pertain to arts, culture, heritage, and tourism.
June 12 → June 13 2019

In-person Stakeholders Focus Groups

In-person focus groups scheduled in the four rural wards.
The goals of the sessions will be to:
- Understand the perspectives, challenges, and expectations of rural businesses;
- Provide clarity to issues identified in the business and community surveys; and
- Explore solutions or emerging opportunities to stimulate rural economic growth.
July → August 2019

Online Validation Sessions

Objective: to gather direct feedback on from stakeholders.