Stakeholder Validation Questions

During the development of the Ottawa Rural Economic Development Strategy, a variety of consultation exercises took place, including an open survey to residents and businesses, a random sample business survey, key informant interviews, and a series of four workshops that took place in each of rural Ottawa’s four wards.

A lot of information was collected and analysed resulting in many useful and insightful findings. Now is the chance to share what we have heard before we begin developing the Rural Economic Development Strategy’s action plan.

When we think about economic development in the context of rural Ottawa, it is important to remember that this Strategy must first and foremost put the City and its potential partners in a position that results in concrete outcomes that improve and protect the economic vitality of rural Ottawa. In thinking about outcomes, our collection of data about stakeholders’ visions for rural Ottawa’s economy need to include an understanding that some issues or concerns raised, while potentially important, are not the appropriate material for an economic development strategy. This Strategy’s outcomes relate to improving the competitiveness of rural Ottawa to attract and retain businesses and talent, improve business relations and support, and contribute to Ottawa’s fiscal sustainability.

This short questionnaire is designed to get your impressions on what we’ve heard and ensure we haven’t missed anything important.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.