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Engaging People

7 months ago

Many of us have probably been a part of a community program as either a participant, a volunteer, or both.

Have you ever been part of a program that was really successful or a program that didn’t quite meet your needs? Tell us about it...

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  • AdrianaCull 7 months ago
    Not quite a community program, but after I had my first child I joined some parenting/mommy groups on Facebook, and one group had this peer mentoring program via Facebook that was similar to this model. I had volunteered and was never matched with anyone despite there being almost 10k members. I think a lot of people wanted to give out advice and new moms are always being peppered with parenting advice they weren’t looking for. I was looking for very specific mentorship around my inability to breastfeed and also being a plus-sized mom, and it was hard to connect with those exact experiences.
    • Admin Commented Danielle_Vernooy 7 months ago
      Hi AdrianaCull. Thank you for sharing. This is helpful insight we will use. Especially, coming up with a way to ensure people are matched with similar experiences or have knowledge of certain topics and concerns. Please continue to check back and let us know what you think. Next week we are hoping to present some of our findings and an idea we hope will work.
  • AmyGrace 7 months ago
    I was a volunteer birth companion through Mothercraft Ottawa for many years before becoming a professional birth doula. That program offers a rigorous screening process and very thorough training program for volunteers. It is really successful because of this but there never seems to be enough volunteers for the amount of people requesting support. It is huge time commitment on the part of the volunteer. Not only are they spending time prenatally supporting the participant but they are on call to attend their birth and then with them for an indeterminate amount of time for their labour. The program is great but didn't meet my needs as a volunteer anymore because I was not able to commit to being the one and only person on call for the participant.
    • Admin Commented Danielle_Vernooy 7 months ago
      Thank you AmyGrace for your response. We have started working on an idea that may better meet your needs as a volunteer and for people requesting support. Please check back next week and let us know what you think. It is very important to use the the program works both for the participants as well as the volunteers.