What is a service review?

    A service review is an evaluation of an organization’s services to look for improvements to service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness. 


    Why are the service reviews taking place?

    The City of Ottawa is completing service reviews, which support the city's continued efforts to make the lives of its residents better. The service reviews are part of the overall budget process, where we are always looking at savings to fund City priorities. 

    Who is overseeing the service reviews?

    The Service Review Working Group, comprised of Mayor Sutcliffe, Councillor Curry and Councillor Carr, will oversee the service reviews. They will work with senior leaders at the City to review and decide on areas on which to focus for the service reviews. 

    What will the service review engagement process look like?

    The process includes gathering input from essential stakeholders, including Members of Council, City staff, and residents. Feedback and ideas will be submitted through online forms. Because a large amount of feedback is expected, departments will review the suggestions to see which are possible, which are not already underway, and which will provide a benefit by improving service or saving moneyDepartments will give the list of ideas to the Service Review Working Group, which will review and prioritize them 


    What type of ideas is the City looking for?

    Through the service reviews, we welcome any new and innovative ideas on how we can offer services in a different way, or how we can work better to save money. Cost savings from service reviews will be reinvested into the City’s strategic priorities. 

    Residents in Ottawa will be able to learn about and provide feedback on our services in an open and transparent way over the next several months. The engagement will be organized into four main categories, aligned with the 2023-2026 Term of Council Priorities so we can create an Ottawa that:  

    • Has affordable housing and is more liveable for all  

    • Is more connected with reliable, safe and accessible mobility options 

    • Is green and resilient 

    • Has a diversified and prosperous economy 


    How will the City report back on the feedback received through the engagement process?

    Due to the large number of ideas and feedback that are expected, we will not be able to report back to each individual on their suggestion. Every idea will be reviewed within the department that is responsible for the idea. However, ware committed to sharing feedback and results from the service reviews. Updates will be presented to Council, and residents will be informed through Engage Ottawa, ottawa.ca, social media and more.  


    The reporting process for the service reviews will take place through the overall budget process. Any potential cost savings identified through service reviews will be included in the annual budget estimates. 


    Are service reviews necessary?

    Yes, and we are always looking at ways to improve how we do our work so that we can make the lives of our residents betterThere are currently several service reviews underway for 2023, including the OC Transpo Strategic Route Review. Service reviews are a complement to our commitment to continuous improvement so that we can serve you better and find cost savings. 

    Where can I share my ideas?

    Visit the Engage Ottawa page to share your ideas or call 613-580-2929.