Why is the City conducting a Wildlife Strategy Review?

    The Wildlife Strategy was approved by City Council in late 2013 and has not been reviewed or updated since that time.

    What does the City’s Wildlife Strategy cover?

    The Wildlife Strategy includes a review, summary and analysis of the City’s wildlife-related planning practices, wildlife management practices, and available public education and outreach materials at the time of the strategy’s development. This background information was considered in the formulation of the Wildlife Strategy and its recommendations.

    The City’s Wildlife Strategy takes a balanced, evidence-based approach to wildlife issues. It includes 11 recommendations for improvement of the City’s planning practices, management practices, and public education and outreach. Staff have implemented many of the strategy’s recommended actions, such as the Wildlife Speaker Series and the updated Protocol for Wildlife Protection during Construction and have attempted to address the remaining actions within the limits of available resources.

    When will staff report back to Committee(s) and Council?

    Q4 2023

    Where can I find more information about current practices?

    Please click here to visit the Wildlife section on Ottawa.ca for more information. 

    Who do I contact if I have a concern about wildlife?

    Please visit Contacts for Wildlife Issues on Ottawa.ca for more information.