Welcome to the new Councillor Sponsors Group

The Solid Waste Planning Council Sponsors Group (CSG) provides vital strategic input, feedback, advice, and guidance to staff in developing and implementing the Solid Waste Master Plan (Waste Plan), as well as other key Solid Waste planning files previously classified as component projects to the Waste Plan.

The CSG represents the public and ensures staff are aware of current thinking and concerns of the community as it pertains to Solid Waste planning projects in addition to acting as Council-experts on various Solid Waste planning files, advocating for the work being done to better Ottawa’s waste management system.

The Solid Waste Planning Council Sponsors Group are made up of the following members:

  • Chair, Environment and Climate Change Committee; Councillor Menard
  • Vice Chair, Environment and Climate Change Committee; Councillor Carr
  • Councillor(s) able to provide rural, urban and suburban representation; Councillor Gower, Councillor Kelly, Councillor Johnson
  • A designate from the Mayor’s Office; Scott Moffat, Robyn Guest

The Councillor Sponsors Group is supported by Long-Term and Program Planning, Solid Waste Services, as well as City staff including City Manager’s office who facilitate meetings and lead work on key Solid Waste planning files.

Further background

On July 10, 2019, Council considered the staff report titled, “Solid Waste Master Plan Roadmap” and approved the establishment of a Council Sponsors Group to work with staff on the development of the Solid Waste Master Plan through each phase, as described in the report.

The Sponsors Group reviewed and provided input/feedback on the project plan and detailed timeline, on specific areas for inclusion in reports, on the draft consultation plan, on the draft vision statement, guiding principles, goals and targets prior to consultation, on the proposed options analysis prior to consultation, as well as on the draft and final recommended Plans.

The Public Works Department recommended the re-establishment of the Sponsors Group for this term of Council, to work with staff on the next steps in the Solid Waste Master Plan.

The motion was passed on June 14, 2023 with the first meeting of the re-established CSG on July 18, 2023 at the Trail Road Landfill.

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