Update on the SWMP: Committee approves investments in climate priorities and waste diversion

November 21, 2023

The City’s Environment and Climate Change Committee approved its portion of Draft Budget 2024, including investments that support a green and resilient city by preparing for more extreme weather, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting greenspace, trees and waterways. This budget also invests in core services that residents rely on every day, such as water services and waste collection.

The Committee received the Draft Solid Waste Master Plan, which sets out proposed actions to sustainably manage waste over the next 30 years and extend the life of the Trail Road landfill by approximately 14 years. These actions include:

  • Reducing waste, reusing and recycling
  • Diverting 30 per cent of waste to private landfills
  • Expanding the landfill within its existing footprint
  • Banning industrial and commercial waste from the landfill

The City would also explore long-term solutions, such as anaerobic digestion for organic waste, waste-to-energy incineration to reduce waste going to the landfill, and mixed waste processing to mechanically separate divertible materials from collected garbage. Following this report, the City will begin a third round of public engagement to support the development of the final waste plan, to be brought to Council in Q2 2024.

To help extend the life of the City’s landfill, the Committee approved beginning the environmental assessment process required by the Province to permit the expansion of the landfill within existing property boundaries. Between the approval process and construction, this process can take anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Beginning as soon as possible would ensure waste can be managed without interruption for Ottawa residents and give the City more time to plan its next waste disposal solution.

The City would continue to invest in sustainable waste management, including:

  • $4.5 million to continue developing and implementing the Solid Waste Master Plan and related projects
  • $28 million to support operations and improvements at the Trail Waste Facility landfill, including expanding its gas collection system

Items approved at this meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, December 6.

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