Is being listed on the municipal heritage register the same as being designated?

    No, properties listed on the heritage register are not designated. There are no additional restrictions to alterations a property owner can make and no requirement for heritage permits. If a property owner wants to demolish a listed property they are required to provide the City of Ottawa with 60 days advanced notice.

    Is the City going to designate every listed property by the end of next year?

    No. The intent of the City’s review is to identify priority properties for designation. Designations involve significant background research and require the approval of Council. Many listed properties will not meet the Province’s criteria for designation, and others may be better served by alternative conservation strategies such as new Heritage Conservation Districts, Heritage Character Areas, or heritage easements.    

    My property is already designated, do any of these changes impact me?

    Ontario Heritage Act changes related to the heritage register do not impact properties currently designated under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

    My property is listed on the heritage register, will I be notified if the City is planning to designate my property? How can I get involved?

    Yes, heritage staff will reach out to property owners in advance of any proposed designation. If you are interested in pursuing a designation for your property, you can email

    I have information on a heritage property that I would like to share with City staff, how can I get in touch?

    You can email if you have any information you are interested in sharing. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the survey linked on this website.