Why is the City building a new station in Kanata?

    Kanata North Fire Station 45 will be relocated to better serve existing, new and developing communities in the North Kanata area.

    Will the new fire station improve response times?

    The proposed changes are in line with updated fire response time measurements and will improve public safety.

    Will there be more firefighters hired?

    The Ottawa Fire Services staffing model aims to ensure the proper number of firefighters are immediately deployed based on the level of risk.  Station 45 (Cameron Harvey) is a composite station containing career firefighters and volunteer firefighters. In order to meet the new standards based on projected growth, additional 10 career firefighters will be required. The station will remain a composite station and include volunteer firefighters.

    What does a composite station mean?

    Composite fire stations employ some full-time career firefighters and a pool of volunteer firefighters on call for major emergencies.

    What’s going to happen to the “old” station located at 640 Cameron Harvey Drive?

    Fire Station 45 (Cameron Harvey) is a shared facility with the Ottawa Paramedic Service. The Ottawa Paramedic Service will continue to use the facility as a Paramedic post to cover 9-1-1 calls in the west-end of the city, and is evaluating the possibility of using the facility for the Community Paramedicine Program