What is a multi-residential property?

    Multi-residential properties are defined in the City’s Solid Waste Management By-law as a property with six or more residential units. This includes apartment buildings, townhome complexes, stacked townhomes, and garden homes. Multi-residential properties generally dispose of their garbage, recycling, and organics in communal bins or carts.

    What is a component project of the Solid Waste Master Plan? How is it connected?

    The Solid Waste Master Plan is supported by eight component projects that will either supplement or integrate into the Waste Plan. The decision to undertake these component projects in advance of the Waste Plan being completed is largely a result of their importance to waste management in Ottawa, as well as their ability to feed into and complement the future Waste Plan, rather than compete with it. The Strategy will allow for meaningful progress to be made on the City’s multi-residential waste management program as the Waste Plan continues to be developed.

    To learn more about the Solid Waste Master Plan, please visit our EngageOttawa website.