August → October 2023

Preliminary Consultation Period

  • Provide an overview of the parking study and progress to date.
  • Receive initial feedback, comments, concerns, questions, or ideas.  
  • Opportunity to meet with the project team.
January → March 2024

Focused Consultation Period

  • Present data, findings, and issues.
  • Summarize preliminary feedback, comments, concerns, questions, and ideas.
  • Discuss potential parking recommendations and outcomes.
  • Receive feedback and ideas.
April → May 2024

Final Consultation Period

  • Hold a public open house to present findings, conclusions, and outcomes.
  • Summarize consultation feedback, comments, concerns, questions, and ideas.
  • Answer questions and receive feedback.
April 20 2024

Community Information Session

Time: 10 am to 12 pm

Where: Westboro Masonic Hall 

April 22 2024

Community Information Session

Time 6 pm to 8 pm 

Where: Hintonburg Community Centre

June 27 2024

Report and Recommendations go to Transportation Committee

July 10 2024

Report and recommendations go to Council for approval