Week 5: Finders Keepers – July 15th, 2019

Welcome back! In Week 3, we wanted to find out how give our future volunteers the training and support they need. This week, we want to focus on how first to find and keep them, along with the participants they’ll be supporting.

To find this out, we’re going back to our Ideas and Forum spaces to ask you to help us pinpoint the reasons why would want to take part in this program. Whether you see yourself more as a participant or volunteer, how can we motivate you to sign up and stick around? What would really make that difference for you? What motivated you to volunteer in the past?

Remember, as we bring you these new questions weekly, all the others from past weeks will also stay open to participation and discussion until the end of the engagement, so be sure to check in on all our tabs to have your say on all the key questions we’re asking.

Thank you for being here and contributing. Check back next week for more new content!

Danielle V.

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