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3 months ago
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Official Plan Update July 2019

The City of Ottawa launched the stakeholder engagement for the City of Ottawa’s new Official Plan on March 4, 2019. Since then there have been nine Discussion papers shared on A survey was also provided as an opportunity for you to share feedback on these papers. This survey closed on June 30, 2019.

Since then, we have been busy launching a multifaceted stakeholder engagement strategy. The strategy outlines a new approach to consultation and engagement for the Official Plan. The approach focuses on meeting residents in their communities and ensuring traditionally underrepresented voices have a meaningful opportunity to participate in the new Official Plan.

We are developing tools and tactics to reach groups who have often been marginalized in the tradition consultations. Toolkits and an interactive website will support community groups across the city in running their own engagement activities, helping us expand the opportunities for providing feedback for everyone across the city.

One of the working groups organized to meet throughout the Official Plan process is made up of representatives from the City of Ottawa’s identified Equity and Inclusion groups. We will be launching a specific Indigenous engagement strategy this summer.

Our team has also started meeting with City Councillors, Advisory Committees and community groups.

Currently, we are focusing on a public education phase of the engagement plan and we have already shared information with over 15,000 residents.

As we move towards Fall we will shift to a more focused feedback gathering phase of the stakeholder engagement strategy. At that time, we will be sharing the Preliminary Policy Directions. These are some of the core concepts the Official Plan will be built on, so it’s important to participate to share your vision for the future of the city.