Overall Concept Survey

Commencing in 2020 City staff started considering options for addressing the 50+ year-old arena and north stadium stands complex at Lansdowne (formerly known as the Civic Centre) that was becoming functionally obsolete.

In May 2022 Council approved a new Lansdowne concept plan, in principle, that included a new multi-use Event Centre (including a 5,500-seat arena), north-stadium stands including 11,200-seats, a retail podium, 1,200 housing units that would include 10%, or 120, units that would be build as affordable housing and enhancements to the City Urban Park/Public Realm.  This is referred to as Lansdowne 2.0.

The Lansdowne 2.0 proposal can be found here and corresponding City report can be found here.

City staff were directed to engage in a robust public engagement program on the Lansdowne concept plan, to work with their private partner refining the corresponding plans and business case and to advance planning and design work.

Lansdowne has always been a place of history and civic pride.  For 175 years, it has been a gathering place for neighbours, residents of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, and for tourists from across Canada and around the world.  It is a place of connection and celebration for sports, cultural and community events and now welcomes over 4 million people annually.  This survey is an important next step in gathering your thoughts to help us ensure that Lansdowne continues to evolve to meet its important role as an iconic, landmark site in the heart of Ottawa.

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Who do you think owns the stadium at Lansdowne?


 Who do you think owns the arena at Lansdowne?


How did you hear about the proposed Lansdowne 2.0 revitalization? 

In this section we would like to measure your level of awareness on the components of the Lansdowne 2.0 proposal.

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Going forward, how would you like to be kept informed about the Lansdowne Partnership Sustainability Plan?